Thursday, 28 March 2013

Another great blog: Debbie Christiana

It's not a secret that I love the book Twin Flames by Debbie Christiana. I have reviewed the book and had her on my blog for an interview. She comments on a lot of my posts too. None of those things are why she is my featured blog today.

Twin Flames is a paranormal romance novel and her blog reflects her love of the paranormal, as you can tell  by her motto: Curious Tales of  Love, Magic & Mystery. It’s a  really cool blog. She also does non-paranormal things like interviews and book reviews, but the bulk of what she writes about is paranormal stuff.

She has added a new feature where people write about their experiences with ghosts. Shivers down my spine scary, and yet I can’t help returning to read it because it’s fascinating.
Whether you’re into paranormal or not Debbie’s blog is amazing. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.


  1. Wow, Nana, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning :) Thank you! My CURIOSITIES feature about the true ghost stories surprised me by being very popular. It's fun too!

    1. You are welcome. Your blog is awesome. The ghost stories are true so it's scarier.

    2. You know, I'm basically writing the sequel and novella to Twin Flames for you, LOL. I always stop and think "Will Nana like this?" You're keeping me on my writing toes :)

    3. LOL. I don't mind one bit what your motivation is, I just want to read it.


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