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Spotlight: The Sweetest Love by D. Rose

Malik Thompson had it all. He was at the height of his basketball career, had every endorsement he sought after, and women vying for his love. Even with all the good in his life, the one thing he was missing and wanted more than anything was the woman he’d loved since childhood - his best friend, Selimah.

Selimah Wilkerson was a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry. When she wasn’t storming the runway modeling the finest in couture designs, she was working with non-profits to help underprivileged girls. She, too, was at the height of her career and had no plans on slowing or settling down. That was until she surrendered to her ever-growing feelings for her best friend, Malik.

Since the tender age of five, they’d been the best of friends. Back then, the loved they shared was sweet and innocent, as they were unaware of how complex and complicated love could be. Now older, and well versed in relationships, they decide now was the time to give their love a chance. Their road to love would be anything but easy as they navigate through skeletons, rumors, and unrelenting exes.

Can Selimah and Malik put their pride aside and fight for love? Or will they continue to allow fear to keep them apart…

The Sweetest Love is book two in the For Keeps series and can be read as a standalone.



Malik was insistent on picking me up from the airport. I was sure that he was tired from his final game in Denver the night before, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. He was at the airport bright and early waiting for me. I found him signing autographs outside his car with a half-hearted smile on his face. He was hurt that they didn’t make the playoffs. He hadn’t said it yet, but I knew. His mahogany colored eyes lit up when I reached his car. After wrapping up a conversation with a fan, he pulled me into an earnest, yet tender embrace. His sandalwood scent enveloped me, and my cheeks flooded with heat. 
His hugs always made me feel giddy, warm, and most importantly, protected. The sounds of horns and people’s luggage dragging across the concrete sidewalk drifted to the background.
“I missed you, Lola.” His lips were pressed against the shell of my ear. When I looked into his eyes, my heart skipped a beat. They were low, inviting. 
“I missed you too, Mal.”
After a moment of staring deeply into my eyes, he ran a hand over his face and sighed. “Let’s get out of here.” There was a hint of hesitation before he released the arm he had around my waist. 
My hand was perched outside the window as I took in the fresh spring air. Malik had been driving for almost two hours and we were drifting from the suburbs to winding roads. We stopped at a cute diner for breakfast before hitting the road. The first hour was spent talking about my time in Europe. I’d told him every detail during our calls, but he wanted to hear it again. He engaged me and asked questions, but I could tell he was trying to avoid talking about how their season ended. He was competitive by nature and losing hurt no matter how long he’d been playing. Every loss stung like the first. For about twenty minutes, I slept. My body was already experiencing the effects of the time difference; my early morning flight only made it worse. 
I glanced over at Malik. The playlist he listened to before his games played as he bobbed his head. His attention was on the road, but he never missed a word of Nipsey Hussle’s “Hussle & Motivate.” I joined in rapping the few lyrics I knew, making him laugh. He looked over at me and smiled. 
“Wanna talk about it?” I asked turning down the music some. He shook his head then gripped the steering wheel tighter. 
“Okay,” I whispered. “Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise.”
“How long will we be on this adventure?” I pressed.
“A week,” he stated simply.
I gasped, “What if I have something to do within that time? I have to meet with my mentees.”           
His silky baritone filled the car when he laughed. “Gwen took care of that. Your mentees are cool with not meeting with you this week.”
I was speechless. 
“You coordinated this surprise with Gwen?”
“Yup, and Nini. Everything is copacetic, Lo. Just relax, I got this.”
With my arms folded, I released a long dramatic sigh. He laughed and continued, “When have I ever not come through with a good surprise?”
My brow rose, ready to challenge him. “December 30th, 2008. You surprised me and took me to see Lil’ Wayne.”
He belted out another laugh and it made my fake scowl turned into a smile. “You used to love Weezy.”
“No,you loved Weezy and knew your mother wouldn’t let you go alone so you dragged me into it.” 
That was just one of the many times he used me as an accomplice in his shenanigans.
“Aight, but you still had a good time though, so that doesn’t count.”
“Or all the times you had me waiting in line for some damn Jordans.”    
“Always been a rider,” he mused with a sly smirk. “Have I told you how much I missed you?”            
“Yeah, yeah,” I waved him off. 
“We’re almost there, Lo. Just sit tight,” he smiled and focused back on the road.

D. Rose is a blogger and author based out of the DMV. She writes contemporary romances with African American heroes and heroines that are guaranteed to fill your heart. Since childhood, she has always had a passion for reading and writing.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and, spending time with family.


Friday, 2 August 2019

Spotlight and Giveaway: A Baby Between Friends by Kathy Douglass

They pretended to be lovers.

But there's nothing make-believe about the baby on the way.

When Joni Danielson recruits her best friend, Sweet Briar mayor Lex Devlin, to be her fake boyfriend for a wedding, it's a no-brainer. But their staged kisses lead to real passion - and heartbreak when Lex pulls away. Now Joni's in a bigger bind: she's pregnant. Can she and Lex once again fake it 'til they make it - to a real relationship?


Kathy Douglass is giving away a copy of A Baby Between Friends to a lucky winner!
(Entrants in one of the one of the 48 contiguous states are eligible for a signed, print copy or digital copy. Entrants outside of the 48 contiguous states are eligible for a digital copy.)

Also available from Kathy Douglass:
How To Steal the Lawman’s Heart*
The Waitress’s Secret*
The Rancher and the City Girl*
Winning Charlotte Back*
The Rancher’s Return*
The City Girl’s Homecoming**
A Baby Between Friends* 
*Sweet Briar Sweethearts
**Furever Yours

Kathy is a born reader who as a child always had her nose in a book. She went from reading Bobbsey Twins to romance novels. One day she stumbled upon The Shining by Stephen King and was hooked on horror. When she caught herself checking under the bed and looking in the closet for monsters, she knew it was time to put down the horror and return to romance novels.

Her return was short-lived. She started law school and soon her reading was limited to legal opinions. Then she discovered Harlequin romances. They were short enough to read in a week and she wouldn't have to search her room before she went to sleep.

When her first child was born, she became a stay at home mom. Her second child soon followed, and reading was limited to children's books.

All too soon her kids were attending pre-school. Kathy spent those hours renewing her relationship with romance novels. Soon she felt the urge to write the stories she wanted to read. In 2016, Kathy sold to Harlequin. Her first book, How to Steal the Lawman's Heart, was released in February, 2017. Since then, she has released several more books with Harlequin.


Thursday, 1 August 2019

Spotlight and Giveaway: Redesigning Happiness by Nita Brooks

Real life is a work in progress… #DesignYourLife
It wasn’t easy for Yvonne Cable to get over a heartbreaking relationship and revamp her life. But now the once-broke single mom is Atlanta’s most sought-after interior designer—and one-half of the media’s hottest power couple. She and her celebrity fiancé, Nathan, are a perfect, practical match, on—and off—camera. And with their new home improvement reality show the object of a fierce network bidding war, there’s no limit to how far they can go . . .

But Yvonne is stunned when mogul Richard Barrington III unexpectedly makes an offer for their program. He’s the man she thought left her for a more successful woman. And he’s the father of her son—though he didn’t know it until now. Richard wants to get to know their boy, and Yvonne agrees, though she’s wary. Yet little by little, she’s finding it hard to resist the responsible, caring man Richard has become. But when a scandalous leak puts everything Yvonne’s worked for at risk, she’ll have to look beyond surfaces to come to terms with who she is—and discover what she truly wants.


Nita Brooks is giving away a signed copy of Redesigning Happiness & a $10 Amazon gift card to a lucky winner!

A reading addict, self-professed connoisseur of home improvement shows, and a collector of teapots, Nita Brooks resides in South Carolina with her family. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter at @AuthorNitaB.


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Spotlight: The Protectors Series

Doctor Comfort Djan is looking for salvation after a tragic accident, which takes her to deprived regions where her skills heal the helpless. Until Fate thrusts her as a medic on board a West African military coastal protection ship. Proving herself to the male-only crew is nothing compared to being near one intense naval officer who has her feeling something other than her survivor's guilt.

Commander Akin Solarin wants nothing more than to do his job, especially when his medic's temporary replacement turns out to be a disconcerting woman who pushes all his buttons. He runs a tight ship, and doesn't need captivating and efficient yet aloof Comfort around to keep his heart-rate in semi-permanent overdrive.

Neither can deny the attraction between them, but navigating uncharted personal waters may be the least of their problems when confronted with bold pirate attacks and other vicious unknown dangers onboard the frigate. And when Comfort's life gets on the line, Akin knows he will do anything to save his medic and heal her battered heart in the process.



A man with a mission

A year earlier, a mutiny broke inside the ranks of the clandestine Corpus Agency. Only one loose thread remains to be apprehended: an assassin named Evangeline.

When intel from an asset points to a woman in Mauritius who could be her, Zachariah Hashemi, a mixed race Muslim from Tanzania, is tasked with bringing the renegade to justice…aka a swift death.

A woman with nothing to hide

French-Mauritian PR maven Annabelle de Castelban is throwing all she has into making her communications agency a success. When an opportunity to partner with a renowned international firm knocks on her door, she jumps on it, even if it means she has to fight her attraction to the devastatingly handsome man and the sizzling chemistry sparking between them.

A killer with a plan

Annabelle has no idea Zach is here to determine if she is a mercenary with no remorse. And the more he gets to know her, the more it becomes obvious she cannot be this twisted assassin.

Indeed, Evangeline is near, and when Zach finds out Annabelle is the killer’s latest target, he will stop at nothing to protect the woman he has in the meantime fallen in love with.

As they race against the clock, will they both be able to thwart the psychopath’s plan to kill them in the most devious way?



“It’s not good, patronne. The model who was to have the showstopper bride on his arm ate some of the prawn cocktail. He is currently puking his guts out in the guest loo at the back.”
“Thank God he made it to the loo and didn’t barf on any of the clothes.”
Trust her problem-solving mind to come up with the silver lining in every situation. But seriously, if any of the gowns had been ruined, Nina would’ve had her hide. All the pieces had thousands of pearls or Swarovski crystals hand-sewn on them.
Think, Annabelle, think.
“So the only problem we have right now is that we need an escort for the showstopper.”
“And her,” Daniel whispered with a glance towards a still-raving Nina.
“Her, we can deal with, and it will sort itself out once we find a replacement for the sick model.”
Daniel snorted. “Good luck with that. Have you forgotten the brief she forced down the throat of every modelling agency on the island? The man had to be buff and—”
“Taller than six-foot-two. I know.”
Good luck finding a six-foot man at random on the island in the first place, and now on such short notice? They had their work cut out for her.
Still, there were some foreigners in the audience. There must be one about six-two and muscular. What had Nina written on the call sheet? She’d wanted ‘a tall drink of water.’
There was no time to ponder the situation. The sooner they calmed Nina down, the sooner they’d get this show underway, and the sooner this night would be over, too.
So, armed with optimism and determination, Annabelle strutted back into the main room, a smile plastered on her face as she eyed every single man around. Just her luck. None seemed taller than six feet, and they all looked like guys whose only attempt at exercise came from a leisurely stroll once a month along a putting green.
Her spirits were sinking fast, but no, she wouldn’t be the victim. She would turn this around one way or another. If she couldn’t find— Her shoulder collided into someone, and reflex made her look up and say, “Oh, pardon.
But the apology died on her lips as her gaze raked over the hulking piece of masculinity she’d bumped into. He was tall, all right. Comfortably above six-two, she’d say, with the frame to match. Those broad, broad shoulders looked snug inside the clean lines of an obviously expensive hand-tailored suit the shade of a rare Dom Pérignon millésime. His skin was the colour of sugar when it had just started to turn into caramel, a golden glow on his chiselled features and cheekbones so sharp and defined, it was ridiculous. His head was shaved, and his eyes were dark. Smouldering. Intense. A thin goatee that looked like it had been hand-drawn onto him framed his solid chin and gave bearing to his strong jaw.
A puff of air escaped her.
“Tall drink of water,” she mumbled, and blinked.
The gears of her stunned mind started clicking then, and she gasped. “Tall drink of water!”


Nana Prah first discovered romance in a book from her eight grade summer reading list and has been obsessed with it ever since. Her fascination with love inspired her to write in her favorite genre where happily-ever-after is the rule. 


From always choosing the storytelling option in English & French classes to sneaking a Mills&Boon romance under the desk at school, Zee went on to make a career out of writing the kind of emotional romances all young girls junk on.
Of Indian heritage & a 2x breast cancer survivor, Zee lives in paradise (aka Mauritius!) with her long-suffering husband, their smart-mouth teenage son, and their tabby cat who thinks herself a fearsome feline from the nearby African Serengeti plains. When she isn’t in her kitchen rolling out chapattis or baking cakes while singing along to the latest pop hit topping the charts, she can be found reading or catching up on her numerous TV show addictions. In her day job, she is an editor who helps other authors like her hone their works and craft.

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Prah, Constantine and Baryeh Reviews: Raining Men and Corpses (Raina Sun Mystery 1) by Anne R. Tan

I hope you’re having a fantastic summer and that the books you’re reading are leaving you happy. We chose a cozy mystery this round. Stop by Constantine and Baryeh’s blogs to see what they thought about it after reading my review.   

The Blurb
A contemporary humorous mystery set in the fictitious small college town of Gold Springs, California. Raina Sun is a typical graduate student trying to keep her head above water as the bills roll in from a lawsuit disputing an inheritance from her dysfunctional family. Then her dashing college adviser cons her out of several months of rent.

Her quest to get her money back sets into motion a streak of bad luck. First, she finds the dead body of an ex-lover and becomes the prime suspect to his murder. The only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective to the case and wants to reignite their passion (or at least he’s sending out smoke signals).

Her life careens out of control as her best friend does whatever it takes to get the inside scoop for the town’s newspaper. And her grandma moves into Raina’s postage-stamp-sized apartment, dragging a red suitcase and trouble. The family secret Raina has been running away from is now staring at her across the dining room table every morning.

Raina must figure out how to extract herself before things get dicey. There is no place for an amateur when it comes to murder.

The eclectic cast of characters in this amateur sleuth mystery will have you scratching your head and laughing until the end.

My review
Cozy mysteries tend to be cute, and this one fit the description. Raina is an interesting amateur sleuth with friendship and man issues that she had to contend with along with attempting to help solve a murder. Her grandmother was hilarious. She provided the comic relief that the book needed. The mystery aspect was interesting even though it moved slowly.

It took my quite a few chapters to get into the story, and even then the book dragged for me. I wasn’t fond of the relationship between Raina and Matthew. The author took her time revealing their past history together and even when it was all out in the open I wasn’t happy with why he behaved the way he did. The relationship annoyed me, just like the one she had with her best friend.

I give this book three out of five plant shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my copy from AmazonUK.

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Review: Love at First Sound by Amaka Azie

The Blurb
Heartbroken after discovering her fiancé’s double life, Emem Akpan ends the relationship and moves into an apartment at the other end of Lagos, determined to get her life back on track with no more diversions.

However, a massive dose of distraction bumps into her in the form of Yomi, a sexy younger man who has set his sights on her and will stop at nothing to get her attention.

Yomi Oladipo has always harboured a crush on Sasha, the anchor of his favourite radio show …. who happens to be none other than Emem, his new downstairs neighbour. Enthralled, he wants to get to know her better, but just when she decides to give them a chance, a troubling secret about her shatters his heart.

After experiencing a savage betrayal by someone he once trusted, will Yomi be able to overcome Emem's devastating revelation?

My Review
This was a wonderful story with more than enough drama, heat and cultural references to thrust the reader into a hot romance in Lagos, Nigeria. Given the gap in Yomi and Emem’s ages, the romance between them seemed unlikely, making for a great conflict. Who is to argue with love? What is meant to be will be, but it’s the journey that keeps the reader hooked, which I totally was.

The hero and heroine had personal issues to clean up in their lives which made them easier to relate to  because they weren’t perfect.

A fast paced romance that I really enjoyed.

I give this book five piano shaped chocolate bars. 
I purchased my copy from AmazonUK.