Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Chocolate Day

In Ghana February 14th has been declared National Chocolate Day. Why? If you have to ask why, then you do not appreciate chocolate. If it were up to me every day in my lifetime would be National Chocolate Day. It is to promote the sale of chocolate and other cocoa product according to the GBC

 Ghana is the number two producer of cocoa in the world (Go Ghana! Go Ghana! Grow the cocoa! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!) That was my little cocoa song accompanied by a dance which I will not post. Some people get excited about football (soccer), I get excited about chocolate. Our neighbor Côte d'Ivoire is number one (we’ll outgrow them one day).
           The cocoa in the chocolate you will be biting into on Valentine’s day may have been grown in Ghana. Mine certainly was.
            I have only found one type of chocolate that Ghana produces and it is pictured above (see the star in the middle of the chocolate pieces?). Even though the chocolate is rich and delicious I think they should branch out in the chocolate industry, but they seem to be focused on increasing the GNP (Gross National Product) by exporting as much of the as lovely cocoa as possible, go figure!
            Enjoy your chocolate. I’m going to sneak out of work tomorrow to buy a Kingsbite chocolate bar, and perhaps I’ll find one lucky person to share it with (or not- I’m greedy when it comes to my chocolate).
            Happy Chocolate Day Everyone! May love abound!


  1. Enjoy you're chocolate tomorrow. I love it, too, especially the Hershey kiss :)

  2. Enjoy your kisses (taken either way) and your board :)

  3. Happy Chocolate Day, Nana. Eat to your satisfaction

  4. Thanks Celestine. And you should write to your satisfaction. Happy Chocolate day.


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