Friday, 15 February 2013

Another great blogger: Chuck Wendig

I have been introduced to writer Chuck Wendig who blogs on Terribleminds. I love reading his posts. Why? Because he’s raw, and this makes him seem honest. I don’t know him as a person so I can’t vouch for his actual honesty, but I can vouch for his blogging which draws me back for each post, even when I only have a minute to just scan it. Of course the posts are usually good enough for me to spend more than a minute.

He states things like they are and I admire that. Check him out if you have the time. If you click on his name you’ll land on a recent post that I thought was awesome called the Hardest Writerly Truth of Them All. The post kicks you in the face. Be warned, I told you he is honest, and his honesty includes cussing (he he he).


  1. Chuck Wendig doesn't sugar coat his words, not even a little. But what he said, I believe is truth. Just do it! I won't have a sentence in my head, then I sit at the computer and slowly images start to form. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth out of my head, but little by little paragraphs form, then chapters. I actually liked his blog and will return for more kicks in the face. Thanks for bringing me Terribleminds!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cathrina. Chuck is fantastic. Just do it and it will get done.

  3. Will check him out, Nana.


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