Monday, 18 February 2013

Book Review: Bachelor Undone by Brenda Jackson

After initially reading Bachelor Undone by Brenda Jackson I wasn’t going to write a review because this was a book by THE Brenda Jackson, writer of like a million published books. What would my little review do for her? And then I remembered that I write book reviews because I like to share my thoughts on a book and how it has affected me. So here we go about Bachelor Undone. 

I think Brenda Jackson has written an engaging romance novel. I loved the raw alpha male attitude of Yorke, but what I liked even better was that Darcy was a kick ass female (I’m talking literally). The two met in a previous book in the Bachelor in Demand series, but didn't get along, you know, like chocolate and a blow torch.  This animosity changed in Jamaica where Darcy was on vacation and Yorke was working. The attraction was instantaneous. I couldn't blame Darcy for choosing loving over fighting because Yorke is a hot.

The story line was interesting, and the book moved along swiftly for me. What I didn’t quite appreciate were the excessive sex scenes. I love a good sex scene just as much as the next girl, but when they become repetitive it gets boring and I had to do some skipping.

I gave the book four chocolate bars. Brenda Jackson is a fantastic writer and I have to give her credit where credit is due.

Here’s the blurb
Every woman wants him. But he only wants her.

When Darcy Owens leaves snowy New York for some Jamaican fun in the sun, the city planner isn't expecting to meet the hero of her fantasies. But the sexy, sun-kissed man she sees her first day on the beach comes pretty close. Until he turns out to be York Ellis, the drop-dead-gorgeous but supremely arrogant ex-cop who thinks she needs his protection and his passion.When York looks at Darcy, he knows she's the woman he'd give his life for. So when Darcy finds herself in peril, the security expert vows to safeguard her. Now it's not only his body at risk. It's his heart he's in danger of losing when she tempts him with the one thing the sworn bachelor never dreamed he'd find: passionate, glorious love.


  1. A fine review, Nana. Sounds like a riveting book.

    1. Thanks Celestine. I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Good review, Nana. Brenda Jackson's books are always a good read.

  3. Thanks Kiru. Your books are great too.


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