Monday, 25 March 2013

To know or not to know that the you are beautiful.

I have yet to read a romance novel where the heroine isn’t either beautiful, at least passably pretty, or will become beautiful by the end of the story after a makeover or something. That’s just the way romance novels work. But here’s the rub, what may be beautiful to one person may be fugly to another. It’s all a crap shoot actually because humanity is so different with its perceptions of beauty.

The lyrics of the song by One Direction  ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful’ present an interesting dimension to beauty which I don’t think is true. All beautiful women, even just passably pretty women know what they look like.

I was watching a movie starring Halle Berry and I turned to my friend and asked her what it would be like to look in the mirror and know that you are so amazingly gorgeous.

When I was in high school I knew I was not pretty, not even passably cute (we all know when we’re not pretty, especially when my mother was beautiful). I’m not sure when the metamorphosis occurred but all of a sudden I got pretty and I sure as heck knew it. 

There are some days now when I look in the mirror and say yuck and don’t like what I see, but for the majority of the time I know the cuteness of me.

Is One Direction correct? Do some women not know they are beautiful, making them more beautiful or is that just garbage?


  1. One of my favorite things about this post is the use of the word 'fugly.' I haven't heard that word combination of fucking ugly(am I allowed to say that here? I apologize if not) since HS and it made me laugh out loud :)

    We all have our good and bad days. Unlike celebrities we don't have someone to make us look perfect all the time- and I'm not sure we should.

    A person's attractiveness (man or woman) is of course their physical looks, but it's more. It's their attitude, confidence, and energy that they put out.

    I saw Aerosmith in concert twice, in the last few years so Steven Tyler was old and he's not the most attractive guy, really, but on stage, singing and performing, the man was the sexiest thing ever!! Sex just dripped from him.

    I'm sure I answered your question but I think I've rambled enough for today :)

  2. I meant I'm NOT sure I answered your question

    1. You have totally answered my question. It's more than outward beauty that makes a person beautiful, it's the inside stuff too. Cool. Thanks Debbie.

  3. Sorry for the delete, Nana, found an error :)
    Just want to say great article.
    Makes me recall when I was young. I was painfully shy growing, that mop of wild curls I spotted in those days, didn't help. I guess we all want to be beautiful when we're young. I did. I wanted to be as beautiful as my best friend. Argh, and she was. But we do change as we grow up and so does our perception of beauty.
    Debbie is so right, Steven Taylor is damn sexy.
    My gorgeous friend? I went to a school reunion two years ago, sadly my friend's still caught in that teen time-warp and with that same mindset. Really not attractive.
    Beauty, yes, it's great, but it's not all.
    Probably didn't answer your question, Nana, but my mind drifted to the past when I read this :)

  4. Hi Georgia. I can see the little dream bubble over your head as you float back to your youth. Maybe I have to see Steven Taylor in concert to appreciate this sexiness you and Debbie are talking about. There is a lot more to beauty than the physical.

  5. I had to smile reading this post. fugly is a new word to me. for a moment, I thought it was a mistake until I read Debbie's comments. All I can say is that true and lasting beauty is an inward thing. All else is fleeting.

    1. Very well said Celestine. I'm glad the post made you smile.

  6. It's an interesting phenomenon, because what you believe about yourself can certainly influence how you are perceived (i.e. Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, and almost every other major rock n' roller), but if your self-perception gets hung up on a certain look, the results aren't always pretty (say, like, Cher,arguably Nicole Kidman, and possibly Georgia's high school friend).
    So the key is to feel good about yourself, make the most of what you got, and make peace with the age you are at. Much easier said than done, imho...

    1. Very true Liv. If you think and believe you are beautiful then you are.


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