Friday, 1 February 2013

Re-post from Kristen Lamb’s Blog about Pride

All hail the wisdom of Kristen Lamb, social media expert. I absolutely loved reading her book (check out my review)and I love reading and learning from her blog, so much so that I am going to share one of her posts from this week that resonated with me.

    Humility will take us farther faster. When we’re humble, we’re open to mentors, to learning    new things, to trying other ways. I see a lot of writers who rush out to publish before they are ready instead of listening to the 42 people who told them the book wasn’t yet marketable and needed work.

Personally I have struggled with pride (or rather a lack of humility) in my life only because I also suffered from a near debilitating fear of failure. I have only recently learning how to ask for help when I need it instead of doing everything myself and messing it up. In this new to me world of writing it is more beneficial for me to wrap my pride in a cloth, put it in a bag, vacuum the air out of the bag and then toss it into the back of my closet.

  Check out the rest of what Kristen Lamb has to say about the combination of pride and writing on her blog.

Any thoughts on this pride issue? Does it serve a place in a writer's life? I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Oh yes, pride. Sigh. That insane need we have to compare ourselves to everyone else. How in the world do THEY win contests/get published/make sales when they're [fill in the blanks] and I'm not.
    I think we need to have enough pride to believe in our work and send it out. But we need to learn, as early as possible, that we can't do everything for ourselves, and the idea of asking for help so we can help in return can become pretty darned positive.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mona (the one who introduced me to to Kristen Lamb), you are absolutely correct.


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