Friday, 31 March 2017

Review: Bending The Rules (The Wright Brothers 3) by Christina C. Jones

The Blurb
Justin and Toni were friends.
Besties, with a whole list of life rules developed over a friendship that started when they were kids. As long as they stuck to the rules, even when they blended a business relationship into the friendship, things went off without a hitch.

But then one of them broke the rules - It was Justin. Justin broke the rules- and Toni has been mad about it ever since.

She’s spent the last several years traveling the globe to cultivate her business, but now she’s back in town. Her only goals? Help her parents with “Mr. Bestseller’s” signing at the store, help them pack up their house to sell, and get out of town without too much interaction with her former best friend.

Mr. Bestseller has different goals.

He broke the rules - no getting around that, and he’s not trying to. His main goal now that Toni is finally home is to get her to hear him out… and get his friend back.

Neither of them anticipated that the rift in their relationship would be the catalyst for seeing each other in a whole different light. But now that they do, they’re wondering if it may be time to make some amendments to those rules.

Or at the very least… bend a few.

My Review
The Wright Brothers’ trilogy has come to an end and I am sad, even though I loved this story. The trope of friends to lovers is one of my absolute favorites. The romance between Toni and Justin was gradual, and very unsure, but perfectly timed. Ms. Jones even threw a bit of a mystery in there by making us wonder just what Justin did to anger Toni to the point of not speaking to him for so long (it was bad).

I enjoyed the aspect that both Justin and Toni were part of the publishing world and highly successful in their own fields. The hero and heroine had a lot in common and conversations about their past experiences had them laughing a lot. It was their present experiences that had me chuckling most.

A fantastic story and series. I give this book five out of five book shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.


  1. Trope is usually a negative in reviews I've read, but you've hit on something that is so true. Readers love them! They identify with the situations and want to read about them over and over. Certainly, friends to lovers has to be among my favorites, too.

    1. For me it seems like something that's a natural transition.

  2. I love this series! I gotta read this soon :)

    1. Since you're the one who hooked me onto the series, you really should read it.


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