Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Original Nana - Favorite Characters

My niece is one of my
favorite people. 
As an author I know we aren’t supposed to have a favorite character, but as a human how can we not? In real life I don’t like all people the same. Heck there are some I don’t care for at all. I don’t like all the characters in my book. These tend to be the secondary characters, never the hero or heroine.

Do I have a favorite character? Absolutely. Am I going to tell you who it is? Nope. Why? Because who I like most in my books is irrelevant. Who you like in my books is more important.

I write characters people can relate to and enjoy because they’re seen as real and engaging people.

I appreciate when I see a bit of myself in a character, even better when the character holds qualities I’d love to have, and could attain if I worked at it (I so wish this was true for paranormal books – mind reading and time transport would rock the world to have).

That’s what I want for my readers. To fall in love with my characters and have all of them be their favorites, except for the highly annoying ones- you don’t have to like them at all, unless you do.

Do you have a favorite character?

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