Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Make a Date With Harlequin- Amazing Videos

Hi Everyone,
 Harlequin has this fantastic marketing thing going on. They take real life women and match them with book heroes. The pictures and videos are very entertaining. I'm going to share all of them because I can. 

A Perfect Caress is my Harlequin Kimani novel. Tall, dark, and handsome with an adorable short 'fro - Dante would love to be your book boyfriend, but first you'd have to deal with Lanelle (not a situation I'd want to put myself in). 

Enough about me, prepare to be entertained. Slip into romance with Harlequin.


  1. My eyes bugged out when I saw the horse picture. I think she would have been better set snuggling closer to the guy instead of hanging off so haphazardly. Me and silly logic. This is a great promotion. You had me glued Nana. :)

  2. The horse one doesn't look comfortable, but the cowboy looks strong. That's hot.

  3. The videos are hilarious. Love them.


    1. I wish they would happen in real life.


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