Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dancing with Lord – romance in motion

    I did not make a typo. Lord is a real name in Ghana. In fact Empi Baryeh’s hero in Most Eligible Bachelor (an awesome book, check it out) is named Lord and the dance scenes are hot.

   In my case Lord, a colleague, was one of the best dancers I have ever had the pleasure of boogieing with. When we were on the dance floor together people would stare at us (even his wife)- I am not exaggerating either (well maybe a little). One of us would do a move and the other would copy it, then we would each dance in our own styles while still in perfect sync and then one of us would do a move and the other would copy it. It was the ebb and flow of dancing that made us look so good together. We never touched while dancing but we were in perfect rhythm as we danced.
    There was nothing romantic going on between us, but I envision that dancing with Lord was what a true romance is all about. The couple sometimes moves separately and sometimes together, but always to the same rhythm.
   Anyone have a dance story to share?


  1. Nana, I do love dancing so, my size notwithstanding. Azonto,all the latest steps, you name it. I am good. (And Iam not blowing my own horn) I normally steal the show at parties as I did during the end of year bas at teh office. Even in Church, my steps and rhythm are a marvel. My kids always get angry with me and say I am too old to be dancing like a young woman.

    By the way, I have a review of Empi's MEB on my blog. You could check it out.

  2. Thanks for commenting readinpleasure. Sounds like you enjoy dancing almost as much as I do.


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