Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Everyone has their price

    Sometimes people do things that they wouldn’t normally do because they receive something (usually money) for it. This really hit me a few years ago when ‘corruption’ became the buzz word in my ear and I began to think about myself in that regard.  I asked myself if I had a price that would make me to do something that is blatantly wrong or that God wouldn't look at favorably.

            After a lot of thinking and soul searching I found my answer. The answer was yes, goody two shoes me does have a price. Don’t be so surprised because EVERYONE has their price. The good news is that I’m very very very expensive.
            My price: A guaranteed entrance into heaven when I die and a completely free conscience. If anyone can give that to me, then I’m your girl for anything corrupt in this world. Only God can guarantee that, and I’m pretty sure He wouldn’t ask me to do anything corrupt.

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