Saturday, 8 September 2012

Choosing family members would make life easier

            We are born into a family and we have no real earthly choice in the matter of who these people are. This is not a big deal when the family members are supportive and great people (like mine- written with a smile). It does become a problem when they are naughty folks and all you want to do is get away from them but you can’t because you are ‘family’.

            Friends on the other hand are chosen members of our life circle. When you have awesome friends (like I do- another broad smile displayed) life is great. Friends are a reflection of who we are and I think this is helpful because when I look at the goodness within my friends, I recognize the goodness in myself, and this acts as sort of a life compass, helping me to know I am on the right path towards God (I’m reaching a little).
            What makes life even better is when family members become friends, people you would choose to hang out with even if you weren’t linked by blood. 

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