Saturday, 26 August 2017

The inspiration of London

As some of you know I'm in the UK for a year studying for my masters degree. While I'm here I'm taking in the sights, cuisine (my 10 kg weight gain can attest to that), and having a great time all while making sure I do well in my studies.

Being in this country got me to thinking if I'll write a book based in the UK. Well, heck. I just don't know at this point in time. It is a consideration, though. In the meantime here are some of my experiences in London. I hope you enjoy them because I sure did.

Big Ben. Oddly enough it was brought to my attention the second time I visited London. I didn't realize I had already seen it the first time I'd been there. Duh!
Victoria and Albert Museum garden. This is is my absolute favorite museum in London (I've been to five).

Famous red phone booth.

Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately the Queen wasn't in to receive me. Pity. I was very much looking forward to having a spot of tea with her.

The tour guide mentioned what had happened here. Something about Winston Churchill, but my focus was on the pretty flowers.

Trafalgar Square. The first time I went on St. Patrick's Day there was a concert. I got excited because I thought Ed Sheeran was playing. Nope.

I got to meet up with author Jami Gray at the Tower of London and had a huge fan girl moment. I love her books. Love, love, love! I was more excited about getting to know her than touring the tower.  

London Bridge was not falling down.

I finished the first draft of my latest novel here. 

I learned through my foray into the Tate Modern that I'm not a modern arts woman. Not one bit. I did broaden my horizon and see some interesting things, though.

The Sky Garden. Gorgeous 360 degree view of London. 

St Paul's Cathedral. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was spectacular. I think I got a crick in my neck from all the gazing I did at the ceiling.


528 steps to get to the Golden Gallery in St. Paul's Cathedral. I work out so it should've been no problem. Ha! How many times did I call on the Lord that day? I stopped and sat at the Whispering Gallery which brought me closer to the gorgeous ceiling before taking another pit-stop on the Stone Gallery before tackling another 152 steps. The breath stealing climb was totally worth it.

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