Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sometimes food and passion go hand in hand

“Food so good it makes me wanna slap somebody”

Yes they were that good!
This is a saying I learned when I was in the US. Have you ever had food so good that you slap your own leg or the table as you’re eating? I have. Oh my goodness. If my eating partners had sat a little closer I would have slapped them too. And as you shovel the food into your mouth, “mmmm, mmmm, mmmm” keeps coming from your throat. Yes the food is that dag on good.

Midwife to Destiny is not a foodie book, but the heroine, Ora, loves food. She’s the type of person who will close her eyes and relish it, savoring every flavor as it passes over her taste buds before sliding down her throat. Someone, who in a crowed food court at the mall, will close her eyes with an expression of rapture unwittingly releasing a groan making the man she’s with captivated enough to want to lean in and steal a kiss. Yup, that’s how much she enjoys food.

Have you ever been in the throes of food rapture?


  1. Oh Nana, I do enjoy food, not minding the pounds as you know. I think Ora is my kind of woman on that score!


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