Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The last word

This topic is making me laugh before I even start writing. I have noticed that on social media, just like in life there are people that have to get in the last word. I have learned to let them have it, otherwise the conversation goes on forever. I may be exaggerating just a tad with this example, but then again it could be the truth. Let’s take a look at a Facebook communication. I’ll call the individual, Indie, and I am me.

Indie: Thank you for sharing my post.
Me: My pleasure. It was a good post.
Indie: I really appreciate it.
Me: You are welcome.
Indie: Okay, bye.
Me: Bye.
Indie: I’ll be in contact.
Me: That’s great.
Indie: Bye then.
Me: (I should have taken the hint from the ‘then’)  Bye.
Indie: Later.
Me: Okay.
Indie: Thanks again. Bye. (And the next thing I know Indie is logged off)

If only I had realized Indie was a last worder, I would have stopped when she said Okay, bye. Human beings are too funny.
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Do you absolutely have to get the last word?


  1. I think we all want the last word - human nature - but how we handle it is a different story. My character Natalia absolutely has to have the last word and that is fun to write so I hope that takes care of my need to have the last word :)

    Love the cartoon!

    1. It's good that Marc doesn't mind relinquishing the last word. I'm learning not to want the last word so much, but it's hard.

  2. So funny, Nana. But I do tend to like to have the last word, most of the time.


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