Sunday, 26 May 2013

V is a tie. I couldn't make up my mind.

I couldn't choose between two songs. I figure it's my blog so why should I have to. Let's not look at the pesky article 'The' in front of the both group's names. 

1.The Veronicas, 4 ever. I love this song. The lyrics rock. "Come on baby, we ain't gonna live forever. Let me show you all the things that we could do." They had two versions of the video. I'v always liked this one best.

2. The Verve Pipe, Freshmen. Oh my goodness. This song is so sad, but awesome. "For the life of me I cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins, we were merely Freshmen." Classic.

Over to Leslie's to see if she had trouble choosing too.


  1. I've never heard either song. Good choices!

  2. Thanks Leslie. I love this challenge.

  3. Though they are new to me, they're great songs!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them Lynda.


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