Thursday, 10 January 2013

Let’s talk about Stephanie Plum

        My friend Tan (my book pimp) recommended a book to me years ago. She told me I would really like it, I didn’t pay her any attention. A few years later my friend Sherry told me I should read One For the Money by Janet Evanovich, I read it and I didn’t love it, but liked it enough to read the Two For the Dough which I throught was hilarious and captivating. By that time there were seven Stephanie Plum books out and I raced through all of them, laughing all the way.

      I recommended the Plum books to my friend Tan and she said, “Oh my goodness (substituted word), Nana, I wanted you to read those books two years ago.” I just laughed.
    What is it about Janet Evanovich’s Plum books that keep readers coming back (to the best of my knowledge she’s up to 18 now, I’m getting ready to read 17 on my Kindle)? The writing is simple and straight forward. The characters are hilarious. The men are- well let me say that I wouldn’t mind a little tryst with Ranger or Morelli. The females are strong, and the stories always end without a main character getting killed. I don’t know what more a person can want in a book.
   I’m going on record as saying that I love the Stefanie Plum series. If you haven’t checked them out let me be your Sherry and Tan and recommend them, you will not be disappointed. 
p.s. There is a movie version of One For the Money for those who are allergic to reading (but movies are rarely ever as good as the book)


  1. Thanks for this Nana. Never heard of the author. More shame me.

  2. Laughing. No shame readinpleasure, now you can check her out. She is a wonderful writer.


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