Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Judging is easy, but ineffective

       Back in the days when I was a nurse working in a private hospital in Accra, during handing over the outgoing nurse told me about one expatriate (Caucasian) who had come down with a severe case of malaria. He had booked the ‘executive room,’ which was the most expensive room in the hotel, umm I meant  hospital.

     When I went to meet the patient I saw this very thin scruffy looking man. When we came out of his executive room I whispered to my colleague, “Are you sure he can afford the room?”
Auntie Naomi calmly looked at me and told me that I shouldn't judge. The man ran a highly successful construction business.
   I was correctly put in my place and felt badly about what I had inadvertently done. I never thought I was a person who judged others by their appearance, but I learned that I was and I didn't like it. I learned from it. Now when I am tempted to judge someone based on their appearance, action or even inaction  my colleague’s words come to mind and I become aware of my judging thoughts.

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