Friday, 23 November 2012


     I have read countless novels  where the hero or heroine has once been jilted. This experience then leads  them to become bitter and disillusioned with love. It’s even worse when being left is experienced at the altar.  The concept never seems to get tired. It always tends to elicit a gasp reaction from me, followed by the words, ‘that bastard.’ Or ‘that bitch.’

     I figure the theme is so popular because most of us can relate because either we have been jilted or it is one of our greatest fears. Or (stretch the word out) we ourselves have done it to someone before.
     I’m thinking of changing my reaction to, ‘lucky lady (or man), you dodged a major bullet with that one.’ Because the person who left the hero or heroine would have caused the individual to eventually be very unhappy in the relationship. This would cause them to be stuck in a non evolving situation when they could be off meeting the man or woman who is ready (and selfless enough) to really and truly love them.

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