Sunday, 17 June 2012

No good deed goes unpunished

This saying haunts me. I like helping people, but I find that sometimes those good actions come to bite me in the you know where. I know this happens to other people too, otherwise the saying would never have come into existence.
                Case in point, I was crossing a busy street and bicycler slowed down and indicated I should cross in front of him, I smiled and then trotted across. The next thing I knew he had crashed into the car in front of him, no damage was done, but the driver of the car was not a happy man. I felt badly. He was doing something nice for me, but ironically that good deed went punished
                When things happen that way I wonder if it’s even worth it to do anything good. It doesn’t stop me from being helpful, but it does make me think about the consequences of even my good actions a little bit more.

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