Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Prah, Constantine, and Baryeh Review: Jingle Bell Harbor (Bell Harbor #3.5) by Tracy Brogan

Happy New Year! I was wondering how long I can officially  joyously exclaim Happy New Year. If I meet someone in July that I haven’t seen all year long can I say it? That aside, I’m happy to be back for another Prah, Constantine, and Baryeh Review. Everyone says that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year and I totally believe them because it’s true.

We chose a Christmas themed story to start the year off with (Technically it was to end last year, but who’s splitting hairs?) Tracy Brogan is not a stranger to Constantine or I, but I believe this is Baryeh’s first time reading her.

The Blurb

 As assistant buyer for the world’s second-largest Christmas store, Kelsey Parker feels like a holiday harlot. She’s contractually obligated to promote the yuletide season. All. Year. Long. And it’s taking a toll on her spirit. But when her clueless, self-absorbed boyfriend goes on their long-anticipated romantic vacation—without her!—Kelsey is beyond disappointed to find herself tromping through the Bell Harbor snow instead of lounging on a tropical beach.
Drew Hampton is considered quite a catch among the Bell Harbor bachelorettes, but when his high school dream girl, Kelsey Parker, shows up at his grandfather’s Christmas tree lot complaining about her love life, he decides it’s long past time to get her under the mistletoe himself.
As things heat up between the two, a surprise visitor arrives, making Kelsey an offer she can’t quite believe. Now she must decide what matters most, and she just may discover the key to her happiness.

My Review
Ms. Brogan is one funny writer. Her characters are lively and very entertaining. She knows how to pair people up, too. Kelsey and Drew were so adorable together.

This book was great, it really was except… Well I understand that Kelsey's relationship with her boyfriend isn’t what it should be (after all he went on vacation without her when her grandmother broke her hip – that’s bad), but I didn’t care for the way she and Drew got together. I know it added to the conflict, but I wasn’t comfortable with it.

I give this novella four out of five Christmas tree shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

If you’re as curious as I am to see what Constantine and Baryeh thought about the book then head over to their blogs to read their reviews.


  1. Hm, I didn't mind too much about them getting together because it was already over for her and her boyfriend was a douche. I wonder though if Tracy would consider writing a novella about the boyfriend and how this break up gave him a wake up call... or something

  2. Thanks for your honest thoughts Nana. This relationship sounds a bit rebound-ish. But I haven't read the book yet so fingers crossed until I do. Have a great day.


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