Sunday, 6 November 2016

Review: A Passionate Love by Delaney Diamond

The Blurb
Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together. She’s a wealthy socialite looking for a suitable husband. A man with the right pedigree and an economic status that matches her own. He’s part owner of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta with his siblings. Someone who loves cooking, the outdoors, and women, not necessarily in that order.

After one night together, their sizzling chemistry makes it difficult to stay away. Then comes the hard part—navigating their differences to salvage a relationship that, while it may be imperfect, overflows with love and passion. 

My Review
I have yet to read a Delaney Diamond book  I didn't like so I had high expectations when I picked up A Passionate Love. I was not disappointed.

My biggest question as I read through the book and fanned myself as things got hot between Simone and Cameron was how could these two people from succinctly different worlds maintain a relationship? Cameron is a hard working club owner who is, to be honest, a bit frugal in how he spends his money while Simone has always had money and knows how to buy, buy, buy and buy some more. Money can be a huge conflict between couples and I loved the way their issues were worked out in a realistic way through open communication, sheer will, and of course, love.

I give this book five out five cuff linked shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.


  1. Isn't is great to find an author you enjoy reading and they're consistently good?

  2. Glad you found an author who is yet to disappoint you Nana. That is always a treat.

  3. I'm hoping her books get better and better.


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