Monday, 18 July 2016

Book Review: Any Time You Need Me (Moments In Maplesville Book 7) by Farrah Rochon #AARomance

The Blurb
It’s been a decade since Aubrey Laurent left Maplesville shrouded in scandal. Intent on taking the music industry by storm, she moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams of becoming a pop star. But life has thrown nothing but sour notes her way. Now Aubrey has no choice but to return to her hometown and face the people who scorned her. And the ex-boyfriend whose heart she broke.

After spending the last two years taking care of his dying father, Sam Stewart is ready to start living for himself. But just when he prepares to take the first step forward—and possibly away from Maplesville—his past comes tumbling back to upend his plans.

The last thing Sam wants is to reconnect with the woman who crushed his heart, but as he and Aubrey work together on a community project, they discover that the heat that once burned between them is still there. And it’s hotter than ever. 

My Review
Ms. Rochon is on fire with the Maplesville series. This book was wonderful. Dale was a character who transitioned from being an alcoholic when he couldn’t handle his father’s diagnosis to returning to they guy his friends all knew and loved. Although I’ll admit that there were a few times in this book where Dale behaved like an ass.

It takes a little while to learn what Aubrey did to Dale to make him hate her, even after ten years. During this time of reading kept trying to guess what awful thing she’d done. My guesses were not as shocking as what actually happened. I’m talking gasp worthy.

And despite what happened between them when they were young and stupid, Aubrey and Dale were perfect for each other. Forgiveness can be difficult.

I give this five out of five microphone shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.


  1. Sounds like a very emotional thought provoking read. Forgiveness is good for the soul but can be very hard to do.

    1. I love when you leave comments, Sheena-kay. They are so insightful.


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