Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Prah and Constantine Review: Between the Sheets by Liv Rancourt #ContemporaryRomance

Welcome to another Prah and Constantine Review. I’m surprised that we didn’t read a paranormal book for the month of October, being Halloween and all. I wanted something light and short with absolutely no death or sadness in it. Constantine came up with Between the Sheets. Perfect.

The Blurb

Life for music teacher Maggie Schafer has been full of flat notes lately. Sick of being single and celibate, she vows to get her groove back at the upcoming Western Washington Choral Directors Annual Retreat. 

Too bad the only guy who seems interested is a pompous dork who thinks he’s God’s gift to women—and the music education world. When he gets a little too arrogant and crosses boundaries, gorgeous pianist Randy Devers swoops in to run interference. After sharing a shockingly hot kiss in front of the whole conference, Maggie and Randy come up with a plan to pretend they’re dating.

However, the more time they spend together—and the more physical their “pretend” relationship gets—the more she wonders if there could be anything beyond just smoking chemistry and a friendly agreement between them.

Maggie’s got history, Randy’s got baggage, and they’ve got a weekend to get their rhythms in sync and figure out how to turn their solo lives into a beautiful duet.

My Review
Imagine summer camp for adults, only it’s not summer and they aren’t chaperoned. I wanted to join them. Maggie is adorable. Shot down once in the love department, she carries the baggage with her. It affects her confidence with men and how she interacts with them romantically, or rather doesn’t.  Once she found a man worthy of getting into, her confidence skyrocketed.

Randy is messed up yet loveable, until he does a few not so nice things, which made both me and Maggie want to pull his (not our) hair out. A wonderful, handsome, real, and down to earth character. I could have done without one of his little habits though.
I was shocked at the sex scene (that is not a spoiler). I wasn’t sure she’d pack it into the novella, but boy did she and she did it well.

This book gets five music note chocolate bars.

I purchased this novella from Amazon.

I'm headed over to Constantine's blog to see what she thought of the novella. Come with me if you have a minute.


  1. Nana, we are in agreement with this novella. Wonderful review!

    1. Thanks Cathy. Heading over to your side now.

  2. Nice review! Heading over to Constantine's - but you know me - I'm probably going to buy it! LOL! Thanks!

    1. Lol. Felicia. I like that you buy so many books. Great minds think alike.


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