Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Valentine Challenge by Kiru Taye - Playlist and Review

A Valentine Challenge 
Kiru Taye

Contemporary, Multicultural, Romance

Challenge Series – Three friends. Three challenges.
Are they willing to risk everything for love? 

Book 1 – A Valentine Challenge

Life is good for ex-soldier turned entrepreneur Michael Ede. Or so he thinks. When his friends set him a challenge to exorcise the memory of a woman from his past, he expects it to be a walk in the park.

Socialite Kasie Bosa is spitting fire at men. Her long-term boyfriend has asked for a break via text message of all things. Fuming, she’s told him to go take a dive off the nearest bridge. So the next man who crosses her path is at risk of being shredded with her spa manicured nails.

Bad news for Michael who has chosen her as the object of his challenge. But neither of them can deny the sizzling chemistry between them nor control their responses, it seems. It’s the season of love. Will they escape unscathed?

Michael and Kasie's PLAYLIST

P Square featuring Rick Ross - Beautiful Onyinye

Rihanna - Stay

Brownstone - 5 Miles To Empty

Ne-yo - Let Me Love You

Bracket - Yori Yori

And this last music video is just for fun. I love the dance moves. Enjoy

FuseODG - Antenna

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I read Kiru Taye’s A Valentine Challenge before I started writing reviews and got stable with my blogging. I have since read two of her books since then, one of them being An Engagement Challenge, which l enjoyed (see the review here).

I love when a person turns out to be more than who you thought they were. Michael ended up being more than Kasie had expected. Of course subterfuge and the challenge Michael had undertaken initially annoyed me because, well, it was wrong. But as I got to know Michael, his background, and  his caring nature, I forgave him.

Of course I must mention that Kasie’s initial snotty attitude towards Michael did not  endear her to me, but once again she grew on me.  Michael was able to handle her with his alpha male attitude, he was nobody’s stepping stone.  Kasie was spunky and smart.  I always enjoy this in a female heroine.

The book was hotter than I thought it would be. I didn’t know Ms. Taye's work then, so I didn’t expect it. I don’t think sweet is in her vocabulary. Spicy is her way and it works because she excels at writing those sensual scenes.

I give A Valentine Challenge four out of five chocolate bars. It was a wonderful novel and I highly recommend it. It will start your addiction to Kiru Taye’s books.

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review.


  1. I really like Rihanna's song, Stay. Was nice to listen to while I read your review. The book must be good if it got 4/5 choc bars! :)

    1. I only recently heard it, but I like it. My favorite on the playlist is by PSquare.

  2. Thank you for hosting me, sweetie and for your lovely review. Daalu, as we say in Ibo. :)

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for writing a wonderful book.

  3. Wonderful review, Nana. Kiru is one of the few romance authors that I admire, though I am yet to read any of her works.

    Hei gal, how did you know that Stay by Rihanna is my favourite? I even have it as my caller tune on my phone!!. As for Antenna, my first boy and I love to dance to the beats at home anytime it's played. I love to sing and dance you know, even at my age. Ha ha ha!

    1. Thanks, Celestine. I hope you get the opportunity to read one of her books soon. You would really enjoy it.


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