Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Suck it up, lady- Weak romance novel heroines

         Okay, perhaps when talking about romance novel heroines, that term may sound a little crude, but that wasn't my intention, really (wink, wink). I like a strong female in a romance novel, someone who can get things done and usually does it with some attitude. What kills a romance for me is the whiny  soft, always has to be saved by a man, and must have everything done for her type of woman. I just can’t relate to this type of character and if I can’t relate then I can’t get into the book.

       These weak heroines (which I am happy to say I have only rarely encountered) are the type that make you want to crawl into the book, get into her face and yell, “Suck it up lady. Stop your crying and do something!” That would be awesome if we could actually go into books, but I digress.
      Author’s like PearleCleage, Janet Evanovich, Dorothy Koomson, and Nana Prah (yeah I said it) have all capitalized on the strength of their female heroines to produce captivating novels. Which have in turn made their books that much more easier for strong females of the world to relate to and enjoy.

      To me being a woman means strength and this is what I like to see in the romance novels that I read. Now when a strong woman meets a strong man- well that’s the true stuff of romance novels.
     Can a heroine be too strong?


  1. I agree. I prefer stories with strong women.

    Can a heroine by too strong? I think it depends on the man in her life. In writing the sequel to Twin Flames, a quote that I begin one of the chapters with is "Are you strong enough to be my man" song lyrics from Sheryl Crow's song.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie. I love that song. Natalia in Twin Flames was a strong woman, I loved her.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Findmesomeonetolove, I really appreciate it.


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