Monday, 3 December 2012

Book giveaway!! I’m so excited I want to enter!

My blog has had over 1000 views. Yippeee! Life is short and all accomplishments must be recognized so I'm celebrating by giving away an Amazon certificate for the e-book Most Eligible Bachelor by Empi Baryeh.
I fell in love with the book while reading it not only because it was set in Ghana, but the characters were so likable and real to me.  The passion between the two characters was hot and the writing was fantastic.  I read the book so fast that I had to slow myself down so that the yumminess of it would last.
      I’m kind of jealous of the anticipated lucky winner. I would love to read it again for the first time. The second time will just have to do for me.
Here is the blurb:

Magazine columnist Chantelle Sah doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day—not since her fiancé’s betrayal three years ago—and after botching her first assignment as a feature writer, she’s more than willing to put in a hard day’s work this Valentine’s Day; even if it means going on a date with gorgeous construction Tycoon, Lord McKenzie, and opening herself to an onslaught of all things love.

When Lord—his given name, not a title—sets his sights on Chantelle, it isn’t just work he has on his mind. But even he couldn’t have predicted the magnetic attraction between them when they meet, nor the evening ending with more than an interview. Now he has to convince Chantelle that their one-night stand wasn’t a mistake. Can he win her love without revealing a secret from their night of passion, which could prove fatal for both their hearts?

Now to the contest part. All you have to do is leave a comment, including your e-mail address, answering this simple question:

                                Does love conquer all? Explain.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into the drawing. Remember to leave your e-mail address so I can get in contact with the winner who will be randomly chosen (this is not an essay contest) on December 18th.

For the rest of you who are not lucky enough to win, you can still be lucky enough to buy the book at :

Good Luck everyone!


  1. Hi Nana. I am not eligible for the contest (obviously) but I wanted to say a big thank you for enjoying Most Eligible Bachelor enough to use it as your prize (sniff, sniff).

    Does love conquer all?
    In romance novels, absolutely! In real life, I think that (sadly) sometimes love has proven to just not be enough. Which is not good, because love is one of the greatest gifts in life, IMO, and we must do all that we can to hold on to it when we find it. :-)

    1. Hi Empi. It's a pleasure to be giving out your wonderful book. When you fall in love with something, you want to share it with the world. Thanks for your insightful comment.

  2. Congrats. I hope I am the one getting the ecopy of this novel. Can't wait.
    And looking forward to your upcoming book.

    1. Hi Ibifiri, Thanks for commenting, but if you want to be in the contest I need an answer to the question, does Love conquer all. Explain.

  3. Sorry I forgot to leave my email addy it's

  4. Hi Nana,

    (You asked: Does love conquer all? Explain.)

    In most normal circumstances it could. Unusual situations require a lot of soul searching and examination. As an individual you have to decide whether the love for this person is worth dying for. If you can say yes to this then there's no question. Once that has been decided you still have to summon the strength and determination to stand and remain strong and firm against adversity including from the person themselves. Of course you know this is a simplistic view because nothing in relationships is ever that clear cut black and white. Do I hear complicated? :-)

    Unconditional love is heady and euphoric. It's something we all want with another adult outside of children. That's why we have so many failed relationships, we keep doing it over and over and over looking for THE ONE. lol

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. You and Empi are awesome authors!

    Belinda G
    belgre AT comcast Dot net

    1. Thanks for your comment Belinda. I especially like your comment about the search for unconditional love with another adult (children give it so readily). It leads to all sorts of other questions. And yes it is complicated.

  5. Yes I believe love conquers all. Love over looks alot of things. When u love someone u go the length for that person. Yes the person has the ability to hurt u cos u r at your most vulnerable but being vulnerable is what makes love unique, and cherished. Above all love forgives.

  6. Thanks Ibifiri. Your comment is so sweet. Wouldn't love be so much easier without the vulnerability though, but as you rightly stated, it wouldn't be unique without it.

  7. I think I have to agree with empibaryeh. Sometimes life just gets in the way of love and the people who are in love aren't strong enough to overcome the obstacles thrown in their way. I believe that it does conquer all for some though. Love has conquered all for me. 19 years, I've been with my dh. I love him and our 4 kids with all my heart. I would do anything for him.

  8. Hi Rhonda. 19 years is a long time. Congratulations. You don't hear a lot of stories like yours anymore. I just need your e-mail address to enter you into the draw. Thanks for the comment

  9. I forgot my email addy! It's


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