Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Flight attendants are so cool

            I was at the airport when I saw a line of flight attendants all dressed in full uniform, hair done, makeup in place (the women), sensible yet stylish heels clicking on the floor all looking sharp and put together. They were strutting through the airport as if they owned it and I thought it was so cool.

            If the job didn’t entail being so nice to so many people while being stuck in an airplane without the opportunity to throw the naughty people out of it or smiling consistently even when people are being rude I think I would be a good airline cabin attendant. I know I would look good in the uniform walking through the airport with my little roller bag knowing that I am cooler than John Tavolta strutting in "Staying Alive."


  1. I agree! Flight attendants look so glam with their uniforms and little valises. I used to want to be on, but I don't have time for *that* much flying around the world.

  2. Hi Empi,
    I wonder how they maintain their relationships at home with all of that flying.


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