Friday, 22 March 2019

The revelation #LAPLoveNotes #Romance @Nana Prah

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This is a weekly meme where writers share six lines from their work-in-progress or published story.

This week I'm sharing from His Defiant Princess (Royal House of Saene Book #1)

“I insist that you not reveal how you met my sister while you’re here.”
Zawadi’s words snapped Amira back to the conversation.
Jake’s head tilted. “Who’s your sister?”
Zawadi waved a hand in her direction with a look of annoyance. “Amira, of course.”
Her blood ceased to flow as dread hit her. What had her brother just done?
This wasn’t how she’d wanted Jake to find out about her royal status. She should’ve told him a long time ago, but she hadn’t wanted him to treat her differently. People seemed to get irrational and behave with deference when they learned she was a real-life princess. She didn’t want that from him.
Friendship had been her goal when they’d started talking, and then, it had transitioned into a potential relationship. He’d liked the woman he’d gotten to know, not what people generally perceived a princess to be.

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  1. His cluelessness to her status was a great twist so early in the story.

    Loved it


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