Monday, 21 January 2019

Review: The Spelled Stone (The Cursed Seas Collection) by Natalie G. Owens and Zee Monodee

The Blurb
To secure a future for her ocean world, one of her clan must be sacrificed.

Olinda “Ollie” Quorin is the heir to a dying Siren dynasty. However, when word comes that a Legacy Stone can save their deteriorating ocean, the clan elders choose her—the klutzy, expendable one—to make the quest, despite her royal heritage. After begrudgingly traveling to the surface, Ollie botches a spell and binds herself to a reluctant human male.

Kavan Daniels has learned to survive on the treacherous lands and coasts. He's prepared for everything ... except the Siren he can’t escape. Ollie needs a Mage to find the location of the Legacy Stone. Kavan needs the same Mage to break free from Ollie.

As they struggle against time to find the stone, they face conflict, danger, the monsters of their nightmares, and the complications of their unlikely pairing. Death is on their heels at every turn, and saving Ollie’s clan, as well as the surface world, may mean losing her own life.

Fans of The 100, Divergent, Tidelands, and twisted versions of Beauty and the Beast will love The Spelled Stone, a standalone novel in The Cursed Seas Collection. 

My Review
I’ve been wanting an interracial paranormal romance for a while. When I saw that this book was available I jumped on. From the first page to the last I was hooked.

First of all Olinda is so much stronger than she seems in the beginning. What she goes through while she lived in the sea as a Siren broke my heart. She was such a good and kind woman that I didn’t understand why she’d been treated in such a manner. When she reaches the surface, things change for the better and she becomes who she was meant to.

Kavan is tough and crass and he makes no apologies for it. Living on his own on the surface hasn’t been easy for him. Yet we get to see the most tender side of him when he encounters Ollie. It actually made me sigh to see his little gestures of caring towards her.

They are from two separate worlds, but they fit together perfectly.

There is one section of the story when I questioned why Ollie would even attempt to accomplish the impossible mission she was sent on. Her people had not been kind to the people of the land throughout history. When I read this part it reminded me of a highly controversial issue that happened in real life (you’ll have to read the book because I don’t give spoilers). Something unjust to the extreme that the Sirens did that made me angry and had me half hoping that Ollie would leave the stone right where it was instead of saving the ocean dwellers. But she has a more forgiving nature than me and did the right thing.

Something I loved about this book was that it left me on edge. I had no idea how it would end and that kept me reading long past my bedtime. A fantastic read.

I give this book five out of five harpoon shaped chocolate bars.

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  1. Ooh, this book sounds so fascinating. Love that it features sirens and an interracial romance!


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