Saturday, 14 January 2017

Review: Teasing in Stilettos by Nana Malone

The Blurb
When wanting isn’t enough…

She wasn’t his to touch…he wasn’t hers to love…

Cara North made the mistake of falling in love once and it cost her everything. Dancing at Club Prestige, her dreams are once again within reach. She won't let a little thing like love get in her way.

Finance genius, Tate Anders, has spent his life being the good son. But always doing the right thing comes at a cost…the only woman he’s ever loved.

Back then, she belonged to his brother. But this time, he's not letting her get away. 

My Review
I have read two books in the Prestige Club series and both have been by Ms. Malone. I honestly didn’t know how Ms. Malone would bring Cara and Tate together. Their odds seemed really low although the attraction was high. Let’s just say that Ms. Malone sure does know how to bring on the pain for her characters because the hits just kept on coming, for both Tate and Cara.

I give this book five out of five stripper pole shaped chocolate bars.

I bought this book from Amazon.


  1. Great review! Gotta love authors who aren't afraid to torture their characters... ^_^

    1. No fear for this author. Her characters are quaking in their boots.


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