Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Advice on wading through flooded areas of Accra, Ghana #streetflood

Watching water rush down the street is bad when you are safe and warm in a vehicle, it's even worse when you are kicked out of said vehicle to fend for yourself because the taxi driver is thinking about himself and his car not being swept away. Here is some knowledge from my experience which I'd like to impart onto you about how to get through such a situation.  

1. Do choose a taxi driver who will take you to your destination instead of kicking you out.

2. Do take pictures because once you are safe and dry you wont believe the hell you went to to get to your destination. Please do not take the pics while shin deep in water as it drizzles. No need to destroy your phone during the wretched adventure.

3. Do change out of your shoes into flip flops.

4. Do wait under a shelter while it is raining even though said rain doesn't look like enough to create the mess you are currently taking pictures of.

5. Once the rain has let up and the flood waters SEEM to be receding (which is a lie) always FOLLOW THE PEOPLE otherwise the flip flops you so carefully put on to save your shoes will float away when you accidentally step in water that reaches above your knees.

6. Do remove your other flip flop and watch it float away so that someone can find a matching pair and be happy.

7. DO get accustomed to walking barefoot on the gravel and be careful.

8. DO NOT pay attention to the things floating past you and clinging to your feet and ankles.

9. DO step carefully (following the people and asking questions such as "Is there a gutter here?" Because falling into a gutter would make the experience even more special).

10. DO NOT think about what your bare feet are stepping on or what the flood waters have swept away.

11. DO cuss out the government of Ghana for not being proactive when it comes to ensuring that flooding does not happen in the first place.

12. DO cuss out the people of Ghana for their damn littering ways ( this will be a constant as you try not to fall into the nastiness you are walking through.   

13. In between the cussing, DO pray that no one gets injured during this flood.
14. Do ask what mother effin lesson you are supposed to be learning.
15. When you reach your destination DO buy water and rinse your feet off before putting your shoes on.

16. When you sit down in a dry vehicle (which will take you the hell out of the formerly flooded area) DO give thanks. If you are still cussing out the government and litter prone people of Ghana for hours afterward, remember that you are justified.


  1. Oh, Nana - wow - I'm glad you're okay but what a horrible experience. I've never been in a flash flood but they happen here in the US all the time as well. I watch it on the news and think - how scary! But I'm am pissed at that taxi driver. Just remember, Karma is a bitch :)

    1. I agree about the karma. I think that's why I didn't go off on him.

  2. I think the government and the litterers deserve more than just cussing! But I'm glad you're okay. How scary!!

  3. Ah my sister. I can understand. This nightmare I won' wish on my enemy. Glad and thankful you are safe. As for the government, another matter altogether.

    1. The bad part is that it happens every year and we still don't do anything about it. How many people died in the fire at the gas station due to flooding. It's all so sad.

  4. Wow, Nana! What an experience. At least you can make us chuckle about it. A couple of months ago, my step-mom nearly got swept away in a flood in Durban (near the coast). She was in her car and the water was rising so high it was splashing over the roof of the car. She says she doesn't know how she made it home. Unfortunately, one woman in the area didn't make it home safe. :( They are still cleaning up the city as walls have collapsed all over and there are sink holes. My parents can't repair a leak in their roof yet as all the contractors and repairmen are fully booked from the flood damage. It's one of the worst storms that ever hit that area.

  5. Oh my! This is advice I hope I NEVER need, lol, but I was fascinated and entertained to see your take on it and sorry to see that it is a regular occurrence!


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