Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Release Day Reveal: The Thing That Turned Me

I have some exciting news. I mentioned a few months ago that I had a story in an anthology, The Thing That Turned me. The release date is out. 

On May 31st you will be able to buy a collection of stories from some fabulous writers.

Here's a little teaser from my story. "Finding the Light"

“Why can’t I kill him?” Sapphire Baxter glowered at the balding man with the need to eradicate him from the planet.

The apparition circled her. “You know the rules.”

The urge to tear the perpetrator apart rode her hard so she backed away to see if the distance would help ease her fury. With each kidnapper they found, it became more difficult to control her anger.

As you can see I went a little dark with this story. Kidnappers, ghosts, and pain. Lots of pain. Don't worry, the romance novelist in me reared her head, so of course there's love, hope and yes, a happy ending. 


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