Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My favorite Twi Word – Living in Ghana

Now that Entwined Destiny has been released I'd like to share a little about Ghana.

I’ve been in Ghana for approximately nine years and ten months (I’m not going to break down the days and minutes but I have it written down somewhere). It’s been an experience. Most of it has been wonderful, while others, let’s just say I wonder how come I’m still sane.

You’d think I would’ve learned the language by now. Well, my friends, you’d be wrong. For those who don’t know, I was born in Ghana, raised in the US, and came back to Ghana approximately…  While I was in the US I lost all knowledge of the language.

 I had two strikes against me when I returned to Ghana.

1. I mentioned that I grew up in the US and Americans are a bit, let’s just say biased, about the best language in the world.

2. I don’t have an ear for languages. I struggled through Spanish in high school. When I took introductory Spanish in college I used to annoy my teacher with the question, “Como se dice (insert any and all English words).” That’s “How do you say….”

The good part is that I can speak rudimentary Twi. Can I hold a conversation that includes more than: How are you? Where is the bathroom? How much is this? No. I have developed some favorite words, though and I’ll teach you one.

Saa – It means “really?” or “is that so?” or “hmmm”
A rather multi-functional word, kind of like “interesting.”

It’s no wonder I love the song Saa by Bisa Kdei so much. It couldn’t be because the artist is on fire right now and he’s created a catchy dance-able tune. Please don’t ask me to translate the song because I can’t (not without making stuff up).

Do you have a favorite non-English word?


  1. I'm awful at second languages, so I fully identify with you, Nana.

    1. Always good to know that I'm not alone.

  2. I am a polyglot, I speak 5 languages, OK 6 if you add broken English :-)

  3. I envy you the ability to learn languages, Mary.

  4. Whew that would be hard living in a place where you don't know the language. I can pick them up somewhat easily but they don't usually stick if I stop practicing. I've done a little of a lot. Spanish (okay a TON of that one, was reading classics in Spanish), French, German (a good bit). I'm doing ASL now which is American Sign Language and loving that so much.

    Thanks for sharing a little about your life!

    1. I envy you're Language skills. I'm now wondering if you travelled to other countries to show off your linguistic skills. And try all of their food.

    2. Years ago but not recently. I did try out lots of yummy desserts but many places aren't (or weren't years ago) very vegetarian friendly when it came to food. Still a good time though :)

    3. I forgot that you're a vegetarian. Trying those desserts must have been awesome.


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