Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Review: Sweet Imperfection by Libby Waterford #ContemporaryRomance

The Blurb
Emma Chen-Delvaux is finding her ten-year college reunion almost more than she can handle. It seems her classmates all married and procreated overnight, leaving her behind. Running into her old friend Nate Hirsch is a welcome distraction, especially when they renew their decade-old flirtation and it turns out he’s more than willing to move their banter into the bedroom.

Nate Hirsch has been keeping his distance from women since his debacle of a marriage. Sweet, sexy Emma is the perfect prescription for surviving reunion weekend and moving on from the betrayals of his ex. He can’t help falling for the one who got away, but secrets from Emma’s past have the potential to derail their affair before it can ripen into something more.

Do Emma and Nate have what it takes to make it as a couple, or do their imperfections destine them for nothing more than one red-hot reunion weekend? 

My Review
From the cover I thought this novel would be sweet and playful.  The playful part was right on point and to my pleasant surprise it turned out to be one steamy novel (pun intended).

Not looking for love is the best way to find it, at least that’s what happened to Emma when she encountered Nate at a college reunion. Now that they’re both single and the attraction is smoking between them they find themselves together.

I loved the telling of this story. It’s smooth and transitions well without flashbacks so it kept me in the moment while I got an idea of what happened with them in the past.

A generally light book, especially with the entertaining banter between Emma and Nate. But there were some moments of heaviness that might elicit a sniffle for the more sensitive reader.

I give this book five out of five keg shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from All Romance eBooks.  But you can also find it Amazon.

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