Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May = Reading Excellent Books Only Month #amreading

I, Nana Prah, reader, author and chocolate lover, proclaim May to be the Month of Excellent Books Only. What does this mean?

1. No book of mediocre standing shall cross my path (or Kindle)

2. I anticipate that I will LURV all books that I read this month

3. I’ll be a reading fiend. I’m not setting a goal, but I hope to read at least six books this months. This means no epic stories. No matter how give-up-my-sleep good it may be.

Today is the fifth day of  May (ooh, Cinco de Mayo) and I’ve read one amazing book – Sweet Imperfection by Libby Waterford (click here for review)  and the second which I’m eating up faster than a Nestle Crunch bar is Show Me How to Love by Synithia Williams which I found by accident on Liv Rancourt’s blog last month. I had read one book by Ms. Williams and liked it, this novel intrigued me) Of course I’ll let you know what I think of it via review.

What about you? What’s on deck for the month of May?

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  1. What a great thing to do for a month: read only what interests you and what you find truly excellent (as in the sort of book that you just devour, that you can't put down, that you find lives in your mind when you're away from it, with turns of phrase that just make you sigh, and a cover that draws you in!)

    Enjoy your month! ...and may I recommend Ferrero rocher? Or perhaps, since Romance is in the works, Perugina Baci?


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