Thursday, 3 July 2014

Prah and Constantine Review: Bloodgifted (The Dantonville Legacy #1) by Tima Maria Lacoba

Prah (sounds weird talking about myself in the third person) and Constantine held a contest on Facebook to help us choose the book we’d read for this month. All an author had to do was leave their blurb and buy link information. We did the rest. It was a tough decision. Bloodgifted won.

Remember to hop on over to Constantine’s blog to see what she thought.


What’s a girl to do when she learns she’s descended from a vampire? Being unable to age is only the beginning…

Laura Dantonville is a Primary school teacher with one wish—to marry her boyfriend, Detective Matt Sommers. When her aunt Judy reveals a frightening family secret that explains her rare genetic mutation, it threatens to propel her into a dark underworld where her true family waits. 
Laura’s future with Matt hangs in the balance.

Alec Munro never wanted to become guardian to a Dantonville regardless that her blood is coveted by his vampire-kind. But his sire, Lucien Lebrettan, gave him no choice. Now he’s faced with not only protecting the girl, but fathering a child with her in order to end his servitude—and a centuries-old curse. 

… which some among his kind will do anything to prevent.

My Review

Vampires are in my self-proclaimed category of  “horribly cool,”  especially when they are more humanistic in nature than evil. Ms. Lacoba has done a fabulous job of portraying the goodness and earnestness of vampires. Of course she made sure the reader saw just how evil they could be, too.

The love story between Laura and Alec turned out to be highly enjoyable. Resistance and tension between the two evolved into acceptance and love. Their passion took on a life of its own.

One thing I didn’t appreciate was some of the repetition in the novel. It was written in the first person from both the hero and heroine’s perspective, so we got deep into the POV, but it also caused a duplication of the beginning of a few scenes.

Whether you're a vampire story newbie, like me, or you devour them as your genre, you'll enjoy this book.

I give this four out of five chocolate bars.

I purchased this book from Amazon.

Join me as I head over to Constantine’s to checkout her view.


  1. As always, nice review, Nana. We are definitely on the same page with Bloodgifted!

    1. I just came from your review. I love this tag team thing.

  2. I loved Bloodgifted and can’t wait to read Bloodpledge. Tima Maria Lacoba is one author that is going all the way to the top!

  3. Thank you so much for choosing to review my book, and for your lovely review. It made my day. I'm thrilled you like it :-)


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