Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review: Heartbreak Hotel by Aneta Cruz


Always falling head over heels for men who have nothing to offer her, and running from those who do, Kara realizes that her quest to find Mr. Right is harder than expected. As if her “mostly ludicrous” dating escapades weren’t enough to deal with, her unusual combination of friends—one gay, one a virgin, one dating a married man, and one always telling her to “give it up on the first date in order to start a flourishing relationship”—isn’t of much help in matters of the heart either. Perhaps a kiss in the middle of the Charles Bridge could finally bring her happiness. But wait! That’s just an old myth, isn’t it?

My Review

I’m not sure how to explain it, but this had to be one of the lightest books I have ever read. I feel as if I floated through it. The writing was so smooth and engaging that by the time I realized it, I had finished the novel.

There was only one point where the story ceased to float for me, and that was towards the end when something happened (I don’t give spoilers so I won’t share). But the event was so traumatic that it brought me down, which I presume had been Ms. Cruz’s intention. I gasped because I had no idea it was coming.

To be honest I expected more of a romance, but I fell in love with this chick lit story. I went back and forth between loving Kara’s smart, sassy, hardworking, honest (for the most part), people loving ways to wanting to pinch her for some of the decisions she made.  All in all, I would befriend her.

The characters Ms. Cruz threw into the story were fantastic. Each person had a role to play in Kara’s life which added to their meaning in the book.  I learned so much about Prague that I’m likely to one day book a flight to see it for myself. Perhaps a kiss on the bridge is in order.

This novel would make an excellent  television sitcom with fantastic Kara to always keep us entertained.

I give this novel five out of five bridge shaped chocolate bars.

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Happy reading everyone.


  1. Such an intriguing review. I love it when books make me want to visit the places I read about in them. It just adds something to the story. And when you can float through the pages, so much the better. Might have to check this one out myself :)

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    1. It's never happened to me before, M.J. But I hope I find another book to make me feel the same. It was wonderful.

  2. Great Review, Nana. And I know the part where the story ceased to float, I was taken back too. Good Book by Aneta!!

  3. Prah and Constantine agree on this one.

  4. great review, as usual

  5. Thank you for the wonderful review, Nana. The part where the story ceased to float was intentional. It was meant to work as a break on which I stepped on pretty hard in order for the main character to gain perspective and reflect on her life. I'm glad it worked. :)

    1. I'm glad it worked, too. You left my mouth hanging open for like a minute.


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