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Pimping out Aneta Cruz author of Heartbreak Hotel- Guest post and #giveaway

I’d like to welcome Aneta Cruz to my blog to today. We like to tease ourselves about pimping each other out (as authors). Today it’s my turn to be the Pimp Mama. 

I’m very grateful to the wonderful Nana Prah who has invited me to write a guest post for her blog during the promotion of my debut novel, Heartbreak Hotel.

Nana has asked me to write about the joys of writing. In response to that, my jaw dropped and my eyeballs popped out of my head onto the floor. “The joys of writing?” I asked no one in particular since I was home alone—a very rare occasion. Then I collected my eyeballs off the tile and sent Nana a message: I HATE WRITING!

I hate sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time, letting my ass grow larger and larger as it sculpts itself into the mold of the chair. I hate that my eyes hurt from the white blank page that gets slowly filled with words which seem to be sneering at me because they know they will eventually be deleted. “You’re wasting your time,” they seem to spell when I’m nearly cross-eyed and all I see are black shadows stretching across Mount Everest my page has become. I hate not being able to sleep because all I can think of is that damn dialogue that needs to be re-written first thing in the morning. I hate my migraines that come precisely at the moment in which the Muses have decided to dance around in my head, but my head refused to join the fun. I hate saying good bye to my characters and leaving them in the world in which my presence is no longer needed because the words The End have made me an outcast.

Then I take a deep breath.

And I smile.

I love imagineering. I love building a world out of nothingness, one word at a time. I love describing sceneries that cause me to stare in awe with my inner eye. I love being surprised by the sudden turns in the story that make me say, “How come I didn’t think of that?—Oh,wait, I just did!” I love creating characters who will tie everlasting bonds with their readers. I love bursting out in laughter when I depict the antics of my characters. I love that my eyes water when my body can no longer contain the sorrow my characters feel. I love that they feel. I love telling their story, and I love sharing it with the world. And when I re-read my story and my eyes linger on the words The End, I realize

Heartbreak Hotel blurb
Always falling head over heels for men who have nothing to offer her, and running from those who do, Kara realizes that her quest to find Mr. Right is harder than expected. As if her “mostly ludicrous” dating escapades weren’t enough to deal with, her unusual combination of friends—one gay, one a virgin, one dating a married man, and one always telling her to “give it up on the first date in order to start a flourishing relationship”—isn’t of much help in matters of the heart either. Perhaps a kiss in the middle of the Charles Bridge could finally bring her happiness. But wait! That’s just an old myth, isn’t it?

Author Bio:
Aneta Cruz was born and raised in the Czech Republic. She spent most of her childhood hiding in the library because her friends called her a liar. In her defense, she was only “telling stories.” There Cruz fell in love with books and vowed to become an author. She’d heard that dreams come true in America, so she packed her suitcase and got on the plane shortly after her twentieth birthday. Since then Cruz has earned a BA in English Literature, MFA in Creative Writing, and published a-Muse-me[a]nt, a Collection of Poetry and Prose. Her works can be found in Badlands, the GNU, the Global Alchemy Forum, and Mused. Cruz is the winner of the 2011 Desert Literary Society Fiction Award.

You can find Aneta Cruz at:
Twitter @AnetaCruz

Buy Links:
Black Opal Books
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Aneta is giving away 3 signed copies of a-Muse-me[a]nt on 9/30/13. All you have to do is LIKE her Facebook Author Page (link above) to get into the drawing. Good luck!


  1. Hi Nana, thank you for being my Pimp today. I hope I bring in some "customers" LOL

    1. You are welcome. I hope you get so many that you become tired. lol.

  2. I find when scenes flow easy I love writing, when I struggle with every word sometimes, it's not as pleasurable :) But it always feels good when it's done. Even just to type The End on the first draft. It's such an accomplishment!

    1. I agree, Debbie. Getting the first draft done is a big one. After that it's just fleshing out the story and some touch ups for me.

  3. Very good and comical post, Aneta. I can relate!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I bet any writer feels the same or at least close to the same way.

  4. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict
    Facebook: Elizabeth Hyatt

    1. You're more than welcome, Elizabeth. I'm always happy to share my work with others. Good luck in the drawing!

  5. Anita sounds like so much fun!


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