Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Reading is exciting (yahoooooo!)

I have owned books since forever. My parents were both teachers and they knew the importance of reading so they passed this gift on to their children. Both my brother and I were avid readers as children (different genres though) all because of the importance my parents (especially my mother placed on it).

   I remember piles of books (we were a little spoiled) which were all thoroughly read and loved. I thank my parents for encouraging their children to read.  I encourage all parents to buy your child an interesting book to help start cultivating the habit of reading. I’ve already started it with my niece- spoiling her silly with books.


  1. Nana, my home is littered with books of all sizes and genres. My kids love to read, especially the first one. He reads voraciously. I grew up loving books too having been initiated by my mother, a teacher too.

    1. That's cool readinpleasure. It's great that you cultivate the habit in your children.


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