Monday, 4 June 2012

Romance books are real- hurray

  When I was a teenager my aunt said to me, “You know that romance books aren’t real right?” Meaning that the stories are all fiction and they don’t actually happen in real life. She was trying to tell me that I shouldn’t bank on Mr. Right coming to carry me away on his huge black horse after he makes me swoon at the site of his gorgeous face and perfectly toned muscular body which is all counterbalanced with an awesome sense of humour and intelligence beyond my wildest dreams. Me being a teenager of course rolled my eyes and said with just a little bit of attitude, “I know they aren’t real.” But in my mind I was wondering why couldn’t they be real? Life would be so much better if they were.
 I recently asked the same question online and the answer given to me by a romance writer was that  the romance of romance books do happen in real life, just not on the dramatic scale that it happens in the books and movies. People meet, fall in love, conflict arises and then they resolve their issues and end up together. After thinking about it I smiled because she was correct. The revelation almost made me want to believe that Santa Clause was real too (Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble).

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