Tuesday, 10 April 2012

If success was assured, we’d all try

    I’m sure someone somewhere in the history of time has said this already, and if I knew who it was I would give her or him credit, but since I don’t , I can’t and I’ll take credit for it myself.
    One thing I enjoy about romance novels is that no matter how afraid the hero or heroine is,  they always give love a try. Granted sometimes they fail miserably, making for comedy abounding, but in the end they always try again, eventually succeeding. They overcome fear, embarrassment, and rejection in order to achieve their goal, which is ultimately to have the love their heart has chosen.
    Usually after reading a romance novel, especially a good one, I feel this inspiration within me which  reminds me that nothing in life is insurmountable or impossible, not even finding the love of your life.

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