Saturday, 23 June 2012

Conquering Mt. Afadjato (after it attempted to kick my ass)

I have finally climbed Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, standing at 885 meters (2904 feet) above sea level. I wish I could say I hiked up the mountain with no trouble, but I’d be a big fat liar. I crawled, complained and prayed my way up that mountain. There were no less than 10 times where I breathlessly proclaimed to my friends and fearless tour guide that I would rather go back down than to continue up. But they encouraged me to walk a few more meters, where I would once again refuse to move. On it went, me praying fervently for God to help me, me threatening to go back down, and my friends bolstering and encouraging me, when finally I reached the top- ALIVE.

Here I am before the climb, with the mountain behind me

Me climbing the mountain (not a happy girl)
 Me at the tippy top (Yeah me!)

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