Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Review: Engaging the Enemy (The Bourbon Brothers #3) by Reese Ryan

The Blurb
'That's the deal, Abbott. Take it...or leave it.' How far will an ambitious heir go to secure his future?

Parker Abbott will do whatever it takes to be the next CEO of King's Finest Distillery, even play fake fiancé to his childhood nemesis, Kayleigh Jemison. Yet as he and the fiery redhead get reacquainted, sparks fly and real passion emerges. But when her ex wants a second chance, who will Kayleigh choose?

My Review
I jumped into the series with this book and now I think I’ll have to go back to read the first two. The secondary characters were so engaging that I want to read their stories, too.

I really liked how much Kayleigh loved experiencing life. The saying about a woman scorned came to mind when we learned how he had hurt her when they were younger. Kayleigh was an active woman who had had to deal with a childhood that wasn’t ideal. Yet she made the most of it and became a successful jewelry maker.
Parker. Oh, my goodness, a finer nerd I have never read. He was initially stiff and unyielding. Many times I found myself shaking my head at his antics.

Fireworks exploded when these two came together. At first it was the kind that wanted to cause collateral damage, and then it became the sort that induced passion. It took a while for the chemistry to come to life between these two, but when it did, it was amazing. They brought out the best in each other and pushed each other to grow which pleased me.

There was one thing that lacked closure, and that was about Kayleigh’s sister. Maybe shell get her own story. Otherwise I was a happy romance reader with a glorious happily-ever-after that I’m still smiling about. 

I give this book five out of five bike shaped chocolate bars.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

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