Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Prah, Constantine and Baryeh Review: Twelve Nights (Blue Moon Lake 1.5) by Sharon Struth

This is our last review for 2018. Please wipe your tears because we’ll be back next year with more for you. In the meantime enjoy your holiday festivities. Hopefully you won’t be too busy to find time to read. Remember to stop on by Constantine and Baryeh’s blogs to see what they thought of the book.

The Blurb
True love waits forever…

For Erik Lindholm, it’s been a long climb to the top of his company. Now, as president he has the power to bring his vision to life and speed his company in bold new directions. If that means a complete staff overhaul, so be it. If that means firing the woman who left his heart in tatters fifteen years earlier, it’s a business decision, not personal…

Beryl Foster is highly competent and respected by everyone at the office. But rumors of a big shake-up are rampant and—surprisingly, scarily—Beryl’s job as CFO is on the line. Fifteen years ago she made a decision to put her career before everything else. It was also the last time she and Erik shared a life together. Every Christmas is a reminder. This one could be a second chance… 

My Review
Second chance romances are a hit or miss with me depending on the reason why the couple initially broke up. Erik and Beryl had a legitimate reason for separating that first time and I wasn’t sure if they’d make it through as a couple the second time they got together. They had quite a bit going against them, their past being a major contributing factor. Their careers still being another.

I’ll be honest. I was angry with Erik on Beryl’s behalf in the beginning of the book. I didn’t understand how he could have just left her. I understand the motivation of getting ahead in his career, but I didn’t like it. Especially not when there were other options he could have taken. For a while I wanted him to suffer and not end up with her (not really, but my pissed off mind wasn’t really being rational).

There was an amazing park scene that made me sigh when I read it from her perspective. Learning about Erik and just how romantic he could be helped me to eventually get over my anger with him and I started wanting to see them together. I kept wishing it hadn’t taken fifteen years for them to get there. On the other hand it may have been the time apart that they needed to make them better individuals and because of that a strong couple. It certainly gave Beryl time to establish herself in both the workplace and her marvelous hobby.

I give this book four out of five Christmas tree shaped chocolate bars.
I purchased my copy from AmazonUK.


  1. What a great and detailed review. The park scene was a tad cheesy for me, but it worked for the story.


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