Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Prah, Constantine & Baryeh Review Wicked for Hire (Paranormal in Manhattan #1) by Lotta Smith

I hope you're all enjoying the summer and the reading is at an all time high. This month we chose to read a cozy mystery. Remember to head on over to Constantine and Baryeh's blog to see what they though about the book.

The Blurb
Medical student Amanda Meyers thought she had her life all planned out until people started dying the moment they touched her. Being cleared of any wrongdoing didn’t stop the medical school from expelling her, and it didn’t rid her of the unfortunate nickname Grim Reaper.

Luckily, having a rep as the harbinger of death isn’t a total resume killer. Rick Rowling, Special Agent for the FBI’s Paranormal Cases Division recruits her to work for the Bureau. But the sexy, brilliant, outrageous loose cannon proves to be just as untouchable as the mysterious creature or creatures that may be responsible for the seemingly unsolvable murder that becomes their first case together.

Instead of treating patients, Amanda’s life becomes a test of her patience and a wild ride into the wicked paranormal world where her new boss runs the show. Together they face a ghoulish force that could destroy the entire city and a grueling family dinner that could leave Amanda contemplating harakiri.

It’s a battle of life and debt [student debt, that is] and saving the world has never been so funny.

My Review
This has to be one of the best cozy mysteries I have ever read. Amanda was so funny. When paired with Rick the laughs kept coming. And there was actual romance in this story, which is something that always tips a story over toward good for me. The science based logic Rick displayed also made me give it a positive tick. I liked that Amanda had been an average student in medical school who had to work hard toward being a doctor. It made her a more believable character, especially when her student debt was tagged on as her motivation for her new job.

My only complaint that the mystery was solved too quickly for my liking. But then again Rick does have a stupendous reputation.

I give this book five out of five Ferrari shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my copy from AmazonUK


  1. Ooh, this book sounds like so much fun. Great review!

  2. Nana, I got the feel of a procedural. Each book solves a case and adds a little to the main characters' stories. I agree it was fun read with some good laughs along the way

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