Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Review: The Art of Love (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 4) by Suzette D. Harrison

The Blurb
Ava Lydell is chasing her dream. A gifted artist, she’s fled the violence of the Deep South for the seduction of sunny California. As luck would have it, the economic crisis of The Great Depression interferes with her hopes and plans. Without patronage and reliable sales, her fledgling art studio fails. Now, she faces poverty, eviction…and the distraction of a mysterious, young stranger engaged in a questionable trade that delivers danger to Ava’s front door.

In an age of Prohibition and poverty, Chase Jenkins has more than most Colored men. He’s savvy, successful, and hazardously employed. A bootlegger living on the wrong side of the law, he’s determined to discover who murdered his baby brother. He has no time for diversions. Especially one packaged in the form of a “midnight” beauty with sultry lips and curvaceous hips. Unable to deny her allure, he involves himself in her affairs despite better judgment. What begins as a crisis quickly becomes a risky romance. Join Chase and Ava on their journey to outlive danger and indulge in the art of love. 

My Review
Ms. Harrison knows how to throw a reader back in time and keep them there in a fantastic story. From the descriptions of the scenes, clothing, and even the vehicles, I was flung into the past as I read Chase and Ava’s romance.

Ava is a confident woman filled with fire, sass, courage and talent. She knew exactly who she was and what she wanted even though she didn’t know how to get there with her art. The book initially meets her in an argument and that’s how we get to know her throughout the story, not afraid to stand up for what’s hers. She had a true grit and strength, straight as an arrow with her personal morals without being overly judgmental when it came to other people’s lives. I really enjoyed this about her because it showed her tolerance for the way other people lived their lives and how she could still remain strong in her beliefs.

Chase – oh my goodness! The man was fine, smart, funny and just plain delicious. He’d taken risks in life and regretted that he’d lost his baby brother in the process, but not how he’d lived. Chase was a multi-dimensional character who swept me up with his charm. The kind of man I wanted Ava to end up with (but honestly wanted to keep for myself – a right and proper book boyfriend). He really knew how to handle himself. He made me sigh with his romantic gestures. Such a tough sweetie.

The twists, turns and revelations in the story made it a real page turner. A wonderful story that I hope continues with a couple of secondary characters that I wanted to see happily in love.
I give this book five out of five rose shaped chocolate bars.

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  1. Love, love, love this review, Ms. Prah! I'm honored and delighted to know that Ava and Chase, and their wild romance, captured you. Thank you for sharing their journey. Bless you, S.D. Harrison

  2. Skips on over to Amazon, lols. Great review Nana!

  3. A beautiful review, Nana. You make Chase so tantalizing.


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