Sunday, 4 June 2017

Review: Breaking All the Rules (Second Chances Book 1) by Rhonda McKnight

Deniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows there’s a rule about dating exes. Janette is pregnant and not only is this wedding happening, but Deniece has to arrange the festivities.

Deniece’s feelings and pride are hurt, but surprisingly, Terrance’s younger, sexier, cousin, Ethan Wright, is there to provide a listening ear and a strong bicep to cry on. Ethan’s interested in Deniece, but she has a rule about dating younger men. Despite her resistance, things heat up between them and Deniece begins to wonder if it’s time to break a few rules of her own. 

My Review
It’s nice to see a book featuring an older woman who has succeeded in her career and lives in a state of confidence, even though she hasn’t had an easy life. Deniece is not a complainer, she’s someone who knows how to get the job done. That’s admirable, but it didn’t stop me from questioning why she wasn’t angrier at her sister and ex-boyfriend. Instead she drops her own work to help her sister plan the wedding. Everyone in the story (along with myself), except the sister is confused about the situation.

Ethan is a dynamic and incredibly sweet man. He possesses so many layers which I enjoy discovering. The fact that he’s younger didn’t disturb me at all because he was mature and worldly. What I thought Deniece should’ve had a problem with (although not insurmountable) was that he was her ex’s cousin. Considering what Deniece was going through with her sister, it was a stronger point of conflict for me.

This Christian story is well written, engaging, and left me with a very happy feeling.

I give this four out of five car shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my book from Amazon.

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