Thursday, 18 May 2017

Review: Rumpeled: a Cindermama Story (A Cindermama Story #2) by Ines Johnson

The Blurb

 Enter a world were single mothers get a second chance at happily ever after with Book Two in the Cindermama Series! 

In this new spin on an old fairytale, Guy Rumpel’s golden touch could put a wrinkle in Midori Miller’s designs.

Former model, Midori Miller, left the fashion world in disgrace and now lives quietly as a small town dressmaker and single mom. When her talented daughter catches the ear of a New York record producer, the last thing Midori wants is to return to the harsh glare of the spotlight. Caught between the producer’s charms, her daughter’s dreams, and her own new chance at success, Midori isn’t sure she can design the right path for herself or her family, especially when the producer makes a play for her heart.

After a string of flops, producer Guy Rumpel believes he’s lost his golden touch. He needs to turn his career around with a hit record, and the young songbird from his hometown just may be the key. But when his family’s gift for finding their one true love shines its light on Midori, he’ll have to convince her to make the deal of a lifetime.

Rumpeled is the second book in Ines Johnson’s bestselling Cindermama series. If you love contemporary romance with a touch of magic then this series is for you. Buy Rumpeled: a Cindermama Story and bring this modern fairytale into your world today!

My Review
I want to clap for Ms. Johnson. This is the second book I have read from her and I’m in love with her writing style. Funny, touching, romantic, and realistic (for a paranormal- fairy tale). I could really relate to the characters. She makes the concept of happily-ever-after seem possible and that’s always a good thing when it comes to romance.

Guy isn’t your typical romance hero, and my mouth gaped open when he was described by one of the other characters. The description flowed with the story line and in the end it made things even clearer about him. Midori is an amazing character. She’s strong, a great mother (her daughter is fantastic in her own right), and a talented fashion designer who needs to get her big break. A wonderful heroine all around.

I have already bought the third book in the series and am looking forward to reading it, even though there is a conflict in there that I’m not sure how Ms. Johnson will resolve it. Intriguing.

I give this book five out of five scissor shaped chocolate bars.

I purchased my copy from Amazon.


  1. I love this blog. So colourful, clear and personal. Thanks for adding value to the romance scene!

    1. Thank you Aziza. I'm so happy that you like it.

  2. A nice review, Nana. I like the concept of the Cindermama.

    1. Thanks, Celestine. I think it's a unique twist on the fairy tales.


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